how to print

the steps

  1. Once you've edited and purchased your invitation, you will go to the saved page. You can choose to send the file to your email or you can download it to your computer. It will always be available for you on the saved page! Also, if you don't see these options on the saved page, hit your refresh button. (Make sure you use an active email address)

  2. Save your file to a flash drive or email your file to a print place (call somewhere like FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, etc and they'll give you their store email). Or, find a good local print place in your area.

  3. Specify how many you want printed and that you need them to cut them for you (at some places, you can cut yourself, if you'd like to save some money). Advise the printer to click CMYK over RGB when they're setting up to print your order. Also, for invitations, print to 80 lb card stock or heavier. For stationery, you'll need 110 pound card stock or heavier. There's also paper that's measured by points; go with 12 pt or higher. 

  4. Pick up some envelopes. You can buy online (, amazon, etc.) or you can find some at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and I've even found some at the dollar store!

  5. You're done! :)

See  FAQ's  for additional clarifications.

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